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Notice to all current IPA Members

You may have noticed that this site has been refreshed and many of the links on this site, now point to pages on our new site.  We will be maintaining both sites now. This site will be set up for our members who are not actively publishing on our website. You will still retain your profile on this site, but will not be part of the new InternationalPress.Org website.

Those members who are actively publshing their works, have completed a brief profile on their profile page and want to Learn By Doing are invited to join us at the new IPA.Org website.  Members who are now part of the IPA.ORG site may also qualify for a staff position at IMPress.

Past members who would like to rejoin IPA or current members who would like to renew and qualify for the cash incentive program only need to re-registger on our new site.  See our new membership options on our new site.

We have already moved those members that we know have been active at IPA and published some of their works here and on IMPress. If we missed you in out initial list, please contact us so we can add you there.  We ask that all members confirm they want us to move them to the new site and we will add you and set you up as an Author on the site. 

Please take a moment now and visit our new and improved website. We are now accepting new members who have begun to publish their articles there now.  Renewal fees can now be as low as $130 per year.  We want to prove to you that doing a little work and publishing on our sites, means greater access and benefits and we are putting our money where our mouths are...you do the work, we pay you to do the work, you benefit and so do we.

We hope any current member that has not published on our current site will think seriously about doing so now.  Now IPA has four websites to help our members to Learn By Doing. It is our hope those that haven't been actively involved in our organization will see the many benefits of doing so now.

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Benefits of Membership

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Our home page is easy to navigate and all of our latest articles appear in our Spotlight and in the News slider on the top of our home page. It is easy to navigate and one can select articles by tags, topics, categories, by author and by those in our Spotlight.

See our complete tour of three of our websites in this video - To View In HD, Start Video and Mouse Over Lower Right Corner, Click on Gear Icon for 720P HD. You can also view in Full Screen Mode.

Editorial • Travel • Entertainment • Sports • Business & Finance • Technology • Health • How-To • Breaking News • Music • Culture & Art • Fashion & Style • Events • People and many others.



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Grammy-winner Norah Jones headlines Musikfest
The Impact of Debt on a Country and its People or The Other Side of the Story
BishopeMagnetic Interview
DOC Martin Exclusive Interview
A Brief History of WOMP
Nanotecnology in Venice
Hold Your Investments Where Taxes Will Be Lowest
Highlight These Tax Dates on Your Calendar
IRS Releases Adjustments to Numbers
Milos Raonic The Canadian To Watch At The Rogers Cup
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How To Use IPA’s POP & Webmail Accounts
50mm Lens + DSLR=Amazing Bokeh
Finding & Concurring Trade Shows
Reviews, A Great Way To Build Your Portfolio
Media Access to Events • What You Need To Know
Videos & Slideshows Make Articles & Profiles Shine
You Only Get One Chance To Make A Good First Impression
Videos & Slideshows Make Articles & Profiles Shine
Trade/Consumer Shows, Seminars & Conventions • #1 Place to Learn
IPA To Offer IPA WordPress Blogs To All Members
Your IPA Profile Is The Key To Your Success
New Press Releases
Metropolitan Museum Announces 5.68 Million Attendance, Highest in 40 Years
Adobe Introduces Creative Suite 5.5 Product Line
Consumer Reports’ First Look: Apple iPad 2
New FDA Materials on Sanitation Concerns with Commercial Deli Slicers
Our members are both commercial and freelance photo journalists and photographers. Please visit our Photo showcase and see some of their outstanding work.
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Bask in the Warmth and Luxury of Intriguing Island and Seaside Destinations

Are you ready for the calm leisure and reassuring warmth of an intriguing island or seaside destination this winter? If so, one of the currently most popular spots is Mexico’s beautiful and r.............more




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Our New Member Support Blog Helps Members ....
Our new blog is simply awesome in every way and we hope it will serve as a source of important information to our members.
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This is our new search engine provided by Google.  Search for just about anything on our site including: articles, photos, reviews, press releases, support, events or questions about membership, press access, how to produce a great profile or any other questions you may have. 

It is also a great way to locate specific member articles, photos, videos and other contributions to our site. Use this search now and see how easy it is to access everything on this web site, fast. 

IPA President Len Rapoport shoots his amazing photos and videos with his Nikon D7000. He has been shooting Nikon for years and two of his son's are also Nikon users.  One son shoots a Nikon D90 and the other the Nikon D5100.  Click on these images to get the best deals from Amazon.com.

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Our New Member Support Blog Helps Members ....
Our new blog is simply awesome in every way and we hope it will serve as a source of important information to our members.
Visit our new blog now...


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