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Review: Zeikos ZE-CBG50 Power Grip for Canon 40D/50D

January 13th, 2010

Article By IPA Member: Brian B Donaldson



View PDF File: Download

Review: Zeikos Professional Power Grip
For Canon Eos 50D/40D

by Brian B Donaldson, IPA Staff member 06556

Model No. ZE-CBG50 UPC No. 811709011903

Zeikos, Inc. (http://www.zeikos.com), a New York based company, produces a sundry of camera accessories for the amateur to professional photographer. Zeikos has been in business as Zeikos from 2003. They started out producing products under private label and expanded to their own brand names. Photographic accessories were the company’s core business but have now expanded to include iPod and MP4/3 Player accessories, as well as gaming accessories for the Wii and DSi/DS systems. They have also just acquired licensing for these products for Major League Baseball, NFL, Nascar, Nickelodeon and Marvel Comics. They are adding more every day.

The ZE-CBG50 is a power grip that is a fit, form, function substitute for the Canon BG-E2N/BG-E2 battery grip. The model number and description denotes the grip is for the 50D/40D Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. However, I purchased the grip for my Canon 20D. In theory, the grip should work fine. Although the Canon 20D is no longer manufactured, the BG-E2N still meets the needs of Canon x0D owners. With that in mind, the ZE-CBG50 should be of the same fit, form, and function. Let’s find out, shall we?

I received my ZE-CBG50 by mail order and it came in a nice box. Inside one will find the grip wrapped in bubble wrap and a nice yellow cup. Not sure what the cup is used for, except as a spacer in the box, but it will come in handy in my kitchen. On the top of the electrical contacts there is a plastic cap. Also included is a manual in 5 languages, with illustrations.

The grip fits nicely on 20D as I would expect. The 20D/30D/40D/50D are basically the same frame and if the BG-E2N fits on these cameras there is no reason for the ZE-CBG50 not to be the same fit/form/function.

At first it was awkward to use the grip. The right hand is fine when holding the camera, but the heel of the left hand is resting on the vertical grip. Using the zoom function of the lens is a little awkward at first but after getting use to the grip it didn’t bother me anymore . When dismounted the grip the camera felt bare in my hands.

All the buttons are exactly where they are suppose to be. The grip comes with an ON/OFF switch to prevent accidentally trigging the camera. Took me a little while to get use to that switch being there but like the zooming, I got use to automatically turning it on and off. Firing the camera from the vertical was smooth and it felt strange not to have my right hand at the normal angle.

Battery insertion was a little tricky at first. Had a minor problem trying to insert my BP-511A but had I just referred to the manual I am sure it would have been child’s
play. Once figured out, the battery slid in smoothly and was very easy to remove.

The grip adds weight to the camera and it looks a little odd. The front and back are curved in for gripping while in the vertical position. I was expecting a little more flatness. This is not a default by any stretch of the imagination. Just was expecting something different.

Overall I am please with the ZE-CBG50. But it will be time before I can say how well it stands up to the environment I am in.

Zeikos has lived up to their claims of being affordable. The ZE-CBG50 cost me $84 and I purchased it from Amazon. It is sturdy, fits nicely in my hands, operates according to specs, and looks just like the Canon BG-E2N without the Canon logo or price tag. My thanks to Zeikos for providing me with data on the company.

5 Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Chinese (Simplified) Note: it folds out like a map. Good luck folding it back together.

Battery Life:
Temperature: +23oC/0oC 73oF/32oF [Number of shots - approximately]
Model - Power Supply - No flash - 50% flash

EOS 50D - BP-511Ax2 - 2200/2000 - 1600/1500
EOS 50D - AA alkaline batteries - 400/200 - 300/100

EOS 40D - BP-511Ax2 - 2200/1900 - 1600/1400
EOS 40D - AA alkaline batteries - 400/200 - 300/100

EOS 30D - BP-511Ax2 - 2200/1800 - 1400/1200
EOS 30D - AA alkaline batteries - 400/200 - 120/0

EOS 20D - BP-511Ax2 - 2200/1500 - 1400/1100
EOS 20D - AA alkaline batteries - 250/0 - 120/0

• No Live Views shooting, based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards.
• The number of images that can be shot is reduced by frequent usage of the LCD monitor, holding the shutter button halfway down for an extended time, and using the AF frequently without shooting.
• The battery level can be checked on the LCD panel of the camera.

Major Specifications:
Type Battery grip for the EOS 50D/40D/30D/20D

Power Sources:
(1) Battery pack BP-511A/514/511/512
(2) AA size batteries: Alkaline batteries
(3) AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2

Power switch Camera’s Power Switch

Dimensions 142.7 (W) x 110.5 (H) x 75.7 (D)mm/5.6 (W) x 4.4 (H) x 3.0 (D) in.

Weight Approx. 440 g/11.5 oz.

• Professional High Quality Battery Grip
• Effectively Doubling Your Shooting Time
• Holds 2 BP511 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
• Vertical Firing Release With Lock
• AA Cartridge Plate Holds 6AA Batteries
• Dramatically Improves Stability


Highly Recommended

Zeikos Inc.
Jack Saideh – President
Alan L. Kessler – National Sales & Marketing Manager


20 West 33rd Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Toll Free: (888) 934-5675
Phone: (718) 788-9345
Fax: (718) 788-9303

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