Our Mission

Our organization has a clear and public mission that focuses on building credibility and exposure for ethical independent media professionals worldwide. We have selective member policies, and seek to level the playing field for the explosively growing population of independent media.

These individuals and companies who must compete with the major media corporations in gathering their photos and stories for their respective publications, both digital and traditional, are often faced with what may seem like, an impossible task.

IPA is the only recognized web based organization offering its independent staff members the tools to learn and hone their skills as a photojournalist, photographer, videographer, journalist or correspondent.  All members have the opportunity to publish their works on our web site and showcase their best works in their IPA Profiles.

“IPA believes that photographers and journalists must have some real experiences so they can be prepared to enter the professional market. Today only a handful of fortunate individuals, now have the means to attend a  journalism or photography school. In these difficult times media outlets are just not hiring, so photographers and journalists have begun to earn a living as independents.  Those that want to work in the media may simply have to learn on their own and that is where we can help”

In addition the IPA independent staff program aids members in obtaining assignments to cover a wide range of subjects including:

Local • National • International

• Public & Private Events
Parades • Red Carpet • Ribbon & Award Ceremonies

• Trade & Consumer Shows
Fashion • Automotive • Food • Computer • Photo • Gift • Medical • Comic Book • Toy • Travel

• Sports
Local Teams & Sports • Collegiate • Pro • International • Nascar

• Entertainment
Concerts • Premieres • Broadway Shows • Music Festivals

• Fashion
Attend hot fashion shows • Report on the Latest Fads • Interview Designers & Models

• Travel
Destinations • Hotels • Cruises • Attractions • Excursions

• Food & Restaurants
Reviews of restaurants • New products • Culinary personalities • Wine Tasting events

• Review New Products
Computer software and hardware • Photographic equipment and accessories • Books • Music • Tech Gear • More

• Review Services
Your choice, from Sprinkler Installation companies to any type of service your choice.

• Conduct interviews
Famous or Local personalities and celebrities • Business people • People on the street

• Cultural & Arts
Museums • Exhibits • Attractions • Road Shows • Historic Sites

• Write How To Articles
A great way to write about what you know

Note: All images used in this article were taken by and © by current IPA members: Len Rapoport, Tony Bailey, Jorie Walukow, Guy Verstraeten, Robert Ottenburger, Marek Szczytko, Andrej Susnik

This is simply a partial list of topics our IPA members write about or photograph. You can select the areas you want to cover or report on based on your expertise and interests. There are literally thousands of topics you can write about or photograph that would be of interest to IPA readers.

Our members may select their assignments, obtain the approval or access from the companies or organizations that grant access, then cover the event and publish their article or photographs on our web site. Our editorial staff reviews and approves every article and photograph submitted to our site for publication and is available for editorial support if necessary. Our Member Services department helps you every step of the way.

IPA does not accept paid advertising and its only support comes from the small yearly membership fees that help cover the IPA operating expenses.  As such, the scope of our members’ works are broad and cover many subjects of interest to our web site visitors and members.  IPA membership is selective, but not exclusive and members at all skill levels may qualify for membership.

IPA members may only renew their membership after a one year trial if they have met IPA’s minimum requirements and have earned the Member In Good Standing status.

Our independent staff members may enjoy all the benefits and courtesies that are afforded members of the working press and should conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing IPA on assignment.  IPA has the right to refuse publication of articles or photos we feel do not meet the criteria set in our Terms of Membership.

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